Written By: admin , November 21, 2013

Energy Efficient Homes Help To Reduce Your Monthly Utility Bills

As we progress, there is immense technological advancement and hence the greater need for energy, with that comes more stress on the already depleting natural resources!  Over the last few decades, research has yielded more energy efficient devices and machines. For e.g. it is estimated the dishwashers and refrigerators use almost half the energy they needed a couple of decades ago. However, with modernization and these household gadgets being more accessible to people and of course the rise in the American population, sadly the energy usage has not seen a reduction. While we have sophist....

Written By: admin , September 23, 2013

Smart Savings Can help you go on your Dream Vacation

Intelligent Ways to Save Enough to Fund Your Dream Vacation Money was probably never been dearer than it is now, and though the cost of travel has come down, it has nevertheless not vanished. Moreover, if you are traveling with kids, you may be thinking that you will never be able to have the budget to go on a dream vacation, as the costs seem appalling. However, like all financial goals, your travel goals can be met too, quite realistically if you do forward planning and discipline yourself to save rigorously for that dream vacation.     Once you set yourself on this....

Written By: admin , August 20, 2013

Protecting Yourself Against Identity Theft

  WHAT IS IDENTITY THEFT Identity Theft is the process of obtaining an individual’s personal and financial information such as name, SSN, Credit card Numbers, Driving License Number etc., to take on that person’s identity and carry out transactions, frauds and even crimes. Once these thieves obtain your personal information, they can take away all the money from your banks, get health benefits on your medical insurance and even use up your credit card limit. Things can become even more serious before you realize it and most times, you are hit when you expect it the....

Written By: admin , July 23, 2013

Dealing With The Debt Collectors Menace

If you’ve run into some sort of financial trouble or have missed or delayed payments, or have featured  in a debt collector’s list due to someone else’s mistake, your life may be turning out to be less peaceful, with each passing day. The incessant reminders in the forms of phone calls, letters or emails can have an unnerving effect even on the calmest people on this earth! You suddenly seem to have a problem at hand with a whole set of people who seem to fill each minute of the day with reminders, to help you not forget the issue even for a second, diminishing your chan....

Written By: admin , February 19, 2013

Top Factors that Affect Credit Score Rating

In today’s day and age, most people have a pretty good idea of what their credit score is thanks to society’s reliance on credit for many different aspects of our lives. While it used to just be for obtaining credit cards and purchasing a home, now our credit determines a countless number of other things such as deposits to turn on utilities and the number of lines we can have on our cell-phone plans. To ensure that you’re in the best financial position in your life,....

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