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Written By: admin , August 20, 2013

Protecting Yourself Against Identity Theft

  WHAT IS IDENTITY THEFT Identity Theft is the process of obtaining an individual’s personal and financial information such as name, SSN, Credit card Numbers, Driving License Number etc., to take on that person’s identity and carry out transactions, frauds and even crimes. Once these thieves obtain your personal information, they can take away all the money from your banks, get health benefits on your medical insurance and even use up your credit card limit. Things can become even more serious before you realize it and most times, you are hit when you expect it the....

Written By: admin , February 19, 2013

No Credit or Bad Credit-Watch Out for Various Loan Scams

There are countless Americans who are facing financial trouble right now, thanks partly to the economic crises which have occurred in the past few years. With financial security a distant thought for many citizens all over the country, often times people are forced to turn to short-term loans in order to pay unexpected expenses. One of the most common sources of short-term loans is payday lenders. These lenders are state-regulated and can lend small amounts (generally up to $1,000 - $1,500), for a short period –  normally until your next payday. Thanks to nationwide regulati....

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