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This web page represents our Terms of Service, and acts as a legally-binding document, governing our company's website, //www.worthyloans.com, all its sub-domains and associated mobile and browser-based applications (collectively referred to as the “Website”), as operated and owned by WORTHY LOANS.

The terms starting with a capital letter are defined according to the section “Definitions”, presented below, and bear that meaning throughout the document, unless otherwise specified. These Terms of Service, together with our company's Privacy Policy, the mobile license agreements, if they exist, and any other policies posted on our website represent, collectively, the “Legal Terms” that govern the use of the Website.

These Legal Terms form the entire and sole agreement between you, as a user of the Website, and our company, WORTHY LOANS, and supersede any and all other agreements, contracts, understandings, warranties, and representations regarding the Website. The Legal Terms are subject to modifications and updates, without requiring specific previous notifications to the Users in this respect. The Users should review all the Legal Terms before proceeding to use the Website. The latest version of the Legal Terms is published on the Website, and the Users agree to be bounded by it, including all the changes made. As such, it is vital to check for modifications and updates to the Legal Terms frequently, and make sure that the content is still acceptable.

The use of the Website constitutes an agreement to be bound by our company's Legal Terms, and to act entirely in compliance with them. Users are required to review such terms carefully, and to terminate their access to the Website in case they do not accept the Legal Terms. Those who do not accept the Legal Terms, but have already accessed the Website, should stop using it immediately.

The last version of our Terms of Service, including the most recent updates, was posted on March 1, 2013.


The terms “We”, “Us”, “Our”, and so on refer to the company WORTHY LOANS, as owner of the Website. The term “Visitor” refers to a person who accesses and browses our Website, without having a registered account on it. The term “Member” refers to a person that has registered an account with our Website in order to use our Services. The term “Service” refers to any or all of the functions and features provided through our Website to our Members. The term “User” refers to individuals using our Website either as Visitors or as Members. The term “Content” refers collectively to any and all text, graphics, audio, video, data, and information provided through our Website.

Legal Compliance

By using the Website, you agree to comply with all applicable national and international laws, acts, statutes, and regulations. If WORTHY LOANS receives any complaints or reports regarding the violation of the Legal Terms, we reserve the right to investigate and take any action we deem necessary. Such actions may include, without being limited to, the suspension or cancellation of the Member's account, or, if we have any reason to suspect unlawful activity, we may report to the authorities, officials, regulators, or other third parties that may otherwise be implicated. In such case, we also reserve the right to disclose any information the may help identify the User, such as data from the profile, e-mail address, the User's history with our Website, any materials posted, the IP address and other traffic-related information, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Copyright Issues

The content on our Website may include our company's trademarks and service marks, as well as those owned by our affiliates and other third parties. Such trademarks may take the form of logos, graphics, or text and names. The use of the Website does not represent in any way the license or right for the User to copy, transfer, publish, or otherwise use such trademarks or service marks without the prior agreement, in writing, from their respective owners. Our Website is protected by international copyright laws. It is explicitly forbidden to copy, redistribute, publish, or use any part of the Website in any other way except for its original intention and purposes. The use of the Website does not grant any ownership rights over the Website, in any way.

Outgoing Links

Our Website may include outgoing links, that redirect to websites owned by third parties. Such links are provided in order to improve the user experience, and are not meant to imply any affiliation, endorsement, sponsorship, or recommendation of the respective websites. Moreover, such links do not generate or represent an affiliation or business relationship with the owners of the respective websites. WORTHY LOANS does not bear any responsibility for the legal documentation and policies governing such third party websites, and, as such, the users should exercise due caution when accessing them.

General Terms

These Legal Terms are meant to be executed and interpreted as if they were executed in Arizona, USA, and, as such, they are governed by the laws and regulations applicable in Arizona, USA, without consideration of the principles of the conflict of law. Users agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of law in Arizona, USA. Any legal action taken by the a User against WORTHY LOANS with respect to our Website has to be brought to court within one (1) year of the occurrence of the event that brought the action, or be waived forever. If any part of these Legal Terms is deemed invalid or impossible to enforce according to the existing laws and regulations, the respective part shall be construed consistent with such laws, and the rest of the Legal Terms remains in full effect. If any part of our Content or our Website is in conflict with these Legal Terms, the Legal Terms shall take precedence. Any failure on our side to enforce these Legal Terms shall not be interpreted as a waiver of the Terms, nor of the right to enforce them. The rights granted to WORTHY LOANS, in conformity to our Legal Terms shall remain valid after the termination of the Legal Terms. Published with permission from Termsfeed Terms of Service Agreement.

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